Friday, March 16, 2007

immigration and Billy Gates

It seems that the globalization that Gates wants is aimed to destabilize our economy by allowing specific peoples ,who's income in their native country is considerably less than in the US ,into this country to vie for jobs that are badly needed by our own people.The pittance that these workers will get compared to their American counter parts will in fact allow them to return to their country ,when/if their visas expire ,rich citizens.The issue is not so much Mexico and its people ,but the country of India and China and their growing tech society.Thats who we need to be wary of ,and people like Gates who will instill unrest ,hatred,jealousy and vengeance amongst our own people against these new imported help.
Look at what is happening to France,Holland and Germany.They are enacting legislation to counter the problems resulting from their lax immigration policies that allowed foreigners to
come into the countries to take up the slack in the work force for the jobs nobody wanted.But what Gates proposes is just a slight bit different,They will take the usually high paying jobs that many Americans are well qualified for and that they need and give it to a people that are no better qualified at and incur the wrath and resentment of the American people .Haven't we had enough of these elitists(LOL).

Ted Leon III
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